Here is your opportunity to visualize the network of TITAN Model.

The following two animations are representations of how TITAN model uses a network of people to model the spread of disease. HIV is spread from person-to-person, so we investigate these relationships to learn more about HIV on a grand scale. Can you determine why HIV spreads faster in the right animation than in the left animation?

What does this mean?

These animations represent a population consisting of 350 people. Each of the circles is an agent (i.e. a person in our population). The lines (edges) between agents represent a relationship. When modelling HIV, we only care about relationships that facilitate HIV transmission, so we only connect two agents if they are

  • engaging in sexual activity with one another or
  • sharing injecting needles.

  • Blue Agent: A person who has no special characteristics.
  • Red Agent: A person who is living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Green Agent: A person who is on PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, which is a preventative measure that locks important pathways that HIV uses to set up an infection).