Here is your opportunity to visualize the network of TITAN Model.

The following two animations are representations of how TITAN model uses a network of people to model the spread of disease. HIV is spread from person-to-person, so we investigate these relationships to learn more about HIV on a grand scale. Can you determine why HIV spreads faster when PrEP is not present?

An ABM population with uninfected agents (blue) and agents infected with HIV (red).

An ABM population with HIV infected agents (red), with some individuals protected by PrEP (green).

What does this mean?

These animations represent a population consisting of 350 people. Each of the circles is an agent (i.e. a person in our population). The lines (edges) between agents represent a relationship. When modelling HIV, we only care about relationships that facilitate HIV transmission, so we only connect two agents if they are:

  • engaging in sexual activity with one another or
  • sharing injecting needles.
  • Blue Agent: A person who has no special characteristics.
  • Red Agent: A person who is living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Green Agent: A person who is on PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, which is a preventative measure that locks important pathways that HIV uses to set up an infection).